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Men's Bracelets Leather and Metal

Men’s Bracelets – An Introduction

Men’s bracelets are one of this season’s hottest jewellery trends. Whether you wear your bracelet alongside your watch or as a statement in its own right, one thing’s for sure: the right bracelet is guaranteed to help you turn heads.

The wristwear you choose will say a lot about your style. A metal bracelet is perfect for pairing with a suit, whilst a leather bracelet will inject a rock and roll aesthetic into your outfit. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing bracelets for every occasion, and doing it with style:


If you’re looking for something low key and minimalist, whilst still making maximum impact, then look to a simple metal bracelet. Metal wristwear is masculine, rugged and classic. The concept of the metal men’s bracelets is steeped in military tradition, where dog tags and embossed identity bracelets reign supreme. The key to getting this look right without looking like a gangster is to avoid anything too shiny or bulky; 6 inch thick gold chains around your wrist will never be a high fashion statement! Less is more here, so think simple and minimalist.

A good rule of thumb is to only wear one metal bracelet at a time. Stacking several metal bracelets together will look too bulky (not to mention the irritating clinking noise when they rub together) but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a metal bracelet in your stack: simple metal bands are a great way to add new texture and sophistication.


For men that are reluctant to step into the wonderful world of men’s bracelets, leather is the perfect place to start. A leather strap will look and feel very similar to the watchstrap you’re probably already so used to, meaning that it won’t feel like such a big change. You can choose between a flat fronted leather bracelet or a woven, pleated one, and some even have metal details and embellishments to add extra texture and interest.

Whilst leather bracelets come in a wide range of different colours and styles, we love neutral leather in shades of black, tan and brown. Not only will these pieces go with everything, they are also the perfect base bracelets for stacking with other colours, textures and styles. Like Metal, leather is a wonderfully masculine medium, and one that smells as good as it looks. Be sure to choose a genuine leather bracelet and it will only look better as you wear it and it ages, whilst faux leather doesn’t breathe in the same way and can leave your skin irritated.



Woven fabric bracelets first became popular when they were issued as entrance passes to music festivals, and fashionable music aficionados choose to keep their bracelets on all summer as a status symbol, showing where they had been and who they had seen. This trend quickly spiralled, with designer releasing their own vibrant-coloured, woven fabric bands. Because they are made of cotton or polyester, woven men’s bracelets are generally much more affordable than their leather or metal equivalents. They also come in brighter shades and patterns.

Use your woven bracelet to inject colour into your casual wardrobe: coordinate with your tee, pocket square or other pieces of jewellery. Woven bracelets look great stacked in twos or threes, and also look fashion-forward and elegant when stacked with a watch, or with a leather and metal bracelet. Piling different bracelets together in this way will create a wonderful low-key but style conscious aesthetic.


Rugged and effective, with the overtone of a twee friendship bracelet favoured by boy scouts, rope bracelets are best when they are skinny, woven, and layered together in multiple colour combinations. The key to wearing a rope bracelet with finesse, is to choose expensive versions that ooze maturity: this is not the time to pick something cheap or homemade.

If in doubt, pick slim line versions in muted colours. These kinds of men’s bracelets were made to be layered with their more expensive counterparts, adding an extra texture dimension to a stacked and layered look. One rope bracelet worn alone will look simple and understated, but won’t have the same visual impact as 3-4 skinny bracelets stacked together.


If you’re looking to add colour and detail to a laid back, casual outfit then beaded men’s bracelets are the perfect choice of accessory. Designed to immediately create the illusion of an intrepid world traveller, pick wooden beads in a range of colours for a rustic, tribal effect. Beads are one of the most popular bracelet option for men because they are affordable, readily available, and they look great with everything.

Beads look great stacked together so, if you do love to travel, why not add a new beaded bracelet to your collection from each country that you visit? Choose beads that are different sizes, materials, patterns and colours to create a haphazard and casual effect. Too many uniform and identical beads will look boring and ineffective, so this look is best avoided.


The anchor bracelet is favoured by fashion conscious Europeans with a preppy sense of style. The bracelet comprises of a woven rope in shades of white, red, blue, brown or green (depending on the style you choose) with a metal anchor embellishment woven into it. Loaded with maritime influence and wonderfully playful, this is the perfect men’s bracelet for fans of sailing or spending time by the shore.

Gold anchors are great for complimenting tanned skin whilst cooler silver anchors have a more seasonless appeal. Be sure not to choose something oversized or too bright; subtle and understated are the key buzzwords here. Anchor bracelets look great worn alone with a simple crisp white or striped shirt and your favourite chinos. If you do choose to stack your anchor bracelet then pair it with another rope bracelet, or introduce different textures with a flat fronted leather band. These bracelets are best for smart casual weekend wear, although their preppy overtones mean that you could wear this one with your suit during the week as a reminder of your love for the sea.


If you really want to make an instant visual impact then the best thing you can do is stack men’s bracelets. Unlike so many other aspects of male dressing, where minimalism generally reigns supreme, the modern man has a ‘more the merrier’ approach to wearing wrist jewellery. If you wear a watch then why not stack one or two complimentary bracelets in an array of shades and textures on either side of it. No watch? Then the world is your oyster! Choose one slightly wider bracelet as the focal point of your look, and then add different bracelets to create a wonderful visual statement. Unless you want to look like an aging rock star (not a good look) then never include more than six bracelets in one look: the overall effect is simply too messy and clumsy.


Finally, once you have chosen the bracelets that best suit your unique sense of style and experimented with stacking them together, it’s important that the bracelets you choose match your outfit and your overall look. If you’re wearing a preppy shirt and chinos, for example, then a stack of leather and metal rock and roll bracelets, like Johnny Depp, isn’t going to match at all. Similarly, delicate rope and anchor bracelets in an array of nautical colours aren’t going to compliment your favourite leather jacket.

The bracelets you choose should match or compliment the colours and style of the rest of your outfit. Pick one key accent colour from you outfit, and choose bracelets in this shade to give your whole look cohesion. If you’re afraid of colour, or don’t want to get it wrong, then choose bracelets in muted, neutral shades of black, brown and wine; these will go with just about everything and ensure that your outfit is always on point. Inject bolder, brighter colours as your confidence grows and you’ll soon be turning heads for all the right reasons.

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